Past Webinars:

Exams in the CM Homeschool with Celeste Cruz

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In this webinar, we will discuss Charlotte Mason-style exams from both a philosophical and a practical perspective. We will talk about general principles governing PNEU exams, how questions and expectations changed through the Forms, how Miss Mason’s schools managed the exam process, and how students (and teachers!) were assessed using the results.

We will then take that understanding and consider it in the context of the homeschool. How might Exam Week look in the home? What subjects should be covered, and how can we prepare questions and set the proper atmosphere for best work?  How can exam performance help us assess our students’ progress and our own methods and materials?  Can exams really be enjoyable and fruitful, helping us to be better teachers and our children to be better students? (Hint: the answer to that last question is yes!)
Afterward, I invite your questions and concerns for a short Q&A session to folllow.
This talk will be a casual presentation on what I have learned through my research into PNEU exams and my own experience creating and giving exams to my children. I’m hoping you will take from it both information you can use to improve the exam process in your home and encouragement that the time and effort spent on exams is valuable to the busy homeschool family.

From Oral Narration to Composition with Amy Snell.

A Two-Session Webinar Bundle.

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Session One. Preparing for Written Narration in the Mason Method.

What steps should you be taking from the earliest years to help your student develop good communication? Is just “Oral Narration” enough? How can you make the most of transcription, notebooks, and dictation to scaffold your child for written narration. And what about the kids in my neighborhood who are writing “the Five-Paragraph Essay” in 5th grade?

This workshop will cover the elements of strong writing and how they can become a natural and enjoyable part of your child’s life.

Session Two. The Nuts and Bolts of Written Narration.

With Mason’s philosophy and methods you don’t need a separate writing curriculum to achieve good writing and real learning! In fact, Mason believed Composition lessons should be avoided! This doesn’t mean, however, that she didn’t have definite ideas about how students should learn to write. This session will tackle the common questions and give you the practical information you need for good writing.

Amy’s background allows her to provide a unique perspective on the Charlotte Mason approach to Composition:

-As a former high school and college English Literature, public speaking and composition classes for students of many learning types and ability, including special needs and honors, Amy knows what good communication is all about and what is expected at the highest levels of writing.

-Implemented narration in a wide variety of classes and subjects, including artist study, Plutarch, and Shakespeare and so has led narrations in a wide variety of forms, varying according to the subject taught. Narration is narration and yet a science narration differs from one in literature or history or artist study.

-Worked with children who’ve just begun Charlotte Mason as well as those steeped in the method.

-Guided parents and mentored teachers at The Mason Academy (a K-12 blended model school in the Philadelphia area) in implementing narration at home and in the classroom.

-Uses Mason’s practices on a daily basis with her own five children in their home schoolroom.


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The Practical Guide to Bullet Journals for the Charlotte Mason Mom with Amy and Camille

February 21, 2017 at 8pm

In this webinar, Amy and Camille will walk you through setting up your own Bullet Journal from supplies to our favorite pages.

The Bullet Journal has simplified our routines, organized our lives, and helped us find peace.

Why is the Bullet Journal such a useful and revolutionary, yet simple way to get a hold of your life?

We believe that its success is because it’s a method, not a system.

Charlotte Mason writes on the importance of method vs. system in education and her ideas are all of the same reasons the Bullet Journal works.

We’ll show you our method for managing your homes, your personal goals, your money, your menus, your life…and all it takes to homeschool our children. We will provide the details on our tailored collections as Charlotte Mason enthusiasts.

“The real truth with most of us is that it requires a little more resolution and a good deal more method than we possess to so arrange and carry out the work of the day…

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The Art and Practice of Narration with Amy Snell: Two Sessions

Session One: Narration: The Foundation for Communication and Composition.

Session Two: Narration Beyond the Basics. 

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We are told that Narration is simple, true to every child’s development and the way for a learner truly to know. And yet, these glorious promises don’t always seem to be taking hold in our own homes and classrooms! What is narration really? How can we refine the art of guiding our students in the practice of narration?

The first session explores Mason’s principles on narration as integral to a child’s education, then moves to its practice. Includes a complete narration lesson plan from teacher preparation to the final Grand Conversation.

The second session refines your art and practice as a teacher and provides solutions for the common pitfalls and road bumps. How do you work with children who have nothing to say or forget details or are disorganized? When will these narrations start to have the sophisticated language and syntax I’ve been promised? Won’t this be monotonous? What about my artsy child who loves to draw and create?

Both sessions include a live Q & A  to cover your questions.

In these two sessions, you will gain the confidence and know-how to start implementing narration right away. Say goodbye to worksheets, study guides, quizzes and other techniques that rarely lead to real learning.