We would love to help you “Learn How to Live” the Charlotte Mason way.

Sometimes homeschooling  can be a lonely thing–a little support and encouragement goes a long way to keep us on track. Whether you are transitioning to Mason’s principles, just beginning your homeschooling journey, or want to tackle what’s holding you back from experiencing your vision, we can guide you through Mason’s method to lay down the rails for a rich and full life.

We’d also be happy to share with you what has worked in the many Charlotte Mason endeavors we’ve started: how to build a Mason community in your area for parents and students.

Personal Services

  •  Encouragement and Support for Homeschooling with Charlotte Mason’s Principles
  • Fostering Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life
  • Create a Daily and Weekly Schedule that fits Mason’s model and your unique family
  • Coordinating a multi-age homeschool classroom
  • The Ins and Outs of Running a Mason Book Club
  • Starting your own Charlotte Mason Program, like The Mason Academy
  • Advice on running a Nature Study Program
  • Personalized training in Mason’s Methods
  • Trouble-shooting difficulties in narration, composition or particular subjects
  • Help building a bullet journal to evaluate the past and plan for the future
  • Advice on the Role of Parents in Education and Masterly Inactivity
  • Advice and Encouragement for How and Why to Introduce and Foster Handicrafts

The consultation can be held through e-mail, go-to meeting, or by phone, whichever you prefer. A one-hour fee of $40 is requested prior to the consultation appointment, the payment balance at that same hourly rate is required after it is finished.

Contact us about setting up a consultation! Once our arrangement is made, come back here to make your payment!

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 Group Workshops

Amy and Camille have spoken to groups of parents on the following topics and would love to share with your homeschooling group, book club, or mom’s group.

Talks we have given:

  • Teaching Plutarch at home or a group setting
  • Learning Sloyd
  • Handicrafts in the Home, No Glitter Involved
  • Mother-Culture
  • The Great Recognition
  • Notebooks in the Mason Method
  • The Common-Place Journal
  • Why and How of Hymns and Folksongs?
  • Why and How of Shakespeare?
  • The Art and Practice of Composition: Oral and Written Narration
  • Copywork, Dictation and Grammar in the Mason Method
  • Designing End-of-Term Exams–Mason’s Way a Life-Giving Celebration.
  • Learning How to Live-the Need for a Family Schedule
  • An overview of the Charlotte Mason Method and Principles.

Contact us about working with your group: