About Us

Amy Snell

A lover of children, teaching, and good books, I completed a Master’s Degree in Literature and taught in a variety of classroom environments as an Advanced Placement literature teacher, college English instructor, and mentor of fellow teachers. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy was exactly what I was looking for with its thoroughly Christian model of education based on the child as a whole person created in the image of God. Our family thrived using her methods and I wanted to share and learn more about her philosophy with others, including speaking at the Charlotte Mason Institute Conference, hosting Mason book discussions and workshops for parents, running a Nature Study Club, facilitating Truth, Beauty, Goodness afternoons, and creating the Mason Academy as director, teacher, and parent.  I now serve as the Board President of the Charlotte Mason Educational Center of PA and as its Curriculum and Methodology Consultant.


Camille Malucci

A homeschooling mother of four, I can’t say I ever would have predicted my current life.  I grew up as an only child in the snows of Buffalo then went on to get a degree in Business Management and work all over the country in the fashion industry. I never pictured myself as a teacher, nor a stay-at-home mother, but I am so glad that my original plan fell through!  Now, I spend my days homeschooling, immersing myself and my children in Charlotte Mason’s method, and learning how to be a homemaker.  I love her notion of placing  an abundant feast of learning before your children and was pleasantly surprised when I realized that it wasn’t just for them – this was truly a life that everyone in the home shares in.  Over the years, I have been able to share my experiences and the fruits of my study with the Charlotte Mason community giving talks to mothers, as a speaker at the Charlotte Mason Institute Conference, and at various blogs.