A Friday Check-in

It’s the first day of fall, after what was quite the long summer break.  I hope you all are well!  I am guessing most of you are in the swing of things as far as schooling and activities and all that go, I know we are here at the Malucci home.

This year, in addition to school I have one child enjoying a fall golf league and another who is back on the swim team.  It makes for more evening activity than I am used to, and we are learning to navigate that.  My general approach is that this is a season, and we have some seasons that are enjoyable for their activity and others that are enjoyable for their calm.  Fall is an active season, it seems.  I will admit, at least one of those evenings is a calm one for me as I knit, read, or paint while my boy golfs.  It is a real win-win.

We are also back to hiking and exploring in the cooler weather.  We have a favorite spot or two that we frequent, and this rocky creek is one of them.  We found lots of great clay to play in and it was fun to hear the conversation among the kids since we are studying geology this term.  They noticed the rock layers and the types of rock so differently on this trip!

Cooler weather also means my kids want to bake more.  I am attempting to give them more freedom in the kitchen – the older two can follow recipes and it is fun to have muffins made without my having to make them!  (also: my boys are excited about football season)

Last, but certainly not least, if you follow my Instagram account them you may have seen my news, but that quartet up there will be a quintet next March – another child is on the way!  My daughter is very much hoping for a sister, while the boys think it would be a lot of fun to add to the boy team.  We shall see what God has in store for us!

One thought on “A Friday Check-in

  1. Grace January 22, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    Hi as a post homeschooler I have looked with interest at the instagram cm accounts. I have an British background and bought my children up in what my grandmother taught us was the English way. This is very similar to CM, she was quintessential British, in the understanding of the educated class type (which crossed other class boundaries). The overlap between the way I was taught to parent and educate and CM is amazing, her beauty was to document and refine a system of education that many understood and make it available to the everyday person. There is one aspect that is so important and I feel is not understood, putting undue strain on families and in particular mothers everywhere. In CM’s England everybody she is addressing had some form of homehelp. Whether it just be weekly at the very least but normal was daily cleaning, cooking and washing. I do understand that the whole servant issue is different in the USA. Most women had some form of help with the children even a half day ( a person would job share going to one family in the mornings and another in the afternoons). The other was the afternoon rest period everyone rested for an hour (quite reading allowed for older children) the school I went to we all slept after lunch, whole classrooms. This is such an important and overlooked part of life. I would appreciate if you would research it and give all the beautiful committed mothers the understanding that CM’s mothers had so much help and were not doing it all. For their sake.


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