Friday Update {SQT}

It has been delightfully busy on our end of the blog, so we haven’t been posting but we have been doing all sorts of things we can share in snippets! Here we go:

  1. This is exam week for Amy and next week is exam week for me.  It was a blessing to watch Celeste’s webinar first – I feel ready and excited!  I don’t have my questions prepped quite yet, and the party isn’t planned, so there is some work to do this weekend, but it should be a great week.
  2. That means summer begins and it is time for the CMI conference.  Amy and I will be doing a shared session on Atmosphere, Discipline, and Life in the home.  Amy will also be presenting a session (similar to her presentation at UVA that was moderated by David Brooks of the NYT) on Character Development in a CM education.  She’ll also be doing a chat on Shakespeare!  I’ll have a section on Sloyd called “The Next Steps” but we will definitely cover the foundational principles of Sloyd so anyone is welcome, even if you’ve never tried it.  Lastly, I’ll have a chat the first evening on Architecture, which is one thing I love to learn about and I hope you will too after we chat about it!
  3. It also means summer travels.  Amy is heading to the mountains to enjoy some time with her family and I am heading to Philadelphia later this summer to spend time with family and friends (Amy!) and see the ocean after a too long hiatus.
  4. With the coming of summer, it means planning for next school year!  I will have only two “official” students for the last time in a long time, but I am looking out for good resources for teaching literacy and numeracy to a five year old.  That is a part of my summer planning, in addition to getting ready to have a sixth grader and fourth grader!  Amy will have four official students next year and one sweet toddling girl walking around the house.  Thank heavens for shared subjects!
  5. I also have a couple of weeks booked in my schedule for “home projects and fun reading”.  Moms need a break too and I want to enjoy my deck in the morning while sipping iced tea and reading a book.  The kids can play in the yard!  I’m hoping I end up painting that bookshelf that needs it because there are some serious piles starting in our book loft.
  6. This year, I think I will also continue the habit of nap school.  We put the little boys to bed and clean up from lunch and then we can do some math, read some scripture and a couple of good books and then go about our day.  That will help us use the hottest part of the day well and ease the transition back to the school day come next term.
  7. Next term!  We will start back up in August this year – it’s too hot to enjoy the outdoors at that point so why not get things started and take some days off in fall when it is beautiful out?  At least, that has been my thinking the past few years.  What about you – how do you plan out your school year?

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