CM and Community

Amy is on the Delectable Education Podcast today talking all about her vast experience with starting Charlotte Mason communities.  Amy and I met largely because of the book club she held in her living room full of women eager to learn more of Mason, her methods, and how to better implement them in our homes.  She also began a co-op out of her home which grew and grew until it became, and still is, a school for children K-12.  After moving, she has begun a new co-op and still sits on the board at the school she began, though the running of the day to day operations is now in the hands of another amazing mother and teacher of Charlotte’s method.  In addition to books clubs, co-ops, and a school, Amy has also begun a Nature Club or two, muti-day summer intensives for mothers, field trips, and so many other ways that have helped moms and their children thrive not only in their homes, but within a community of learning.


If you are a reader who is clicking over after listening to the podcast, we welcome you to our little corner of the internet.  We are homeschooling mothers who have used the CM method for many years and in many different situations – at home, in school, overseas, and in multiple regions within the USA.  To hear more of our stories, click here.  We like to write about how using the CM method has changed our whole lives, and not just our homeschools, so while we certainly write about nature, and books, and habits, you’ll also see us chatting about homemaking, mother culture, and organizing our days.

If you are a long time reader, we invite you to head over to hear Amy speaking today on the podcast!  We’d love to hear about communities you’ve started or questions you have about starting communities in the comments or via email.

2 thoughts on “CM and Community

  1. Morgan February 10, 2017 / 4:42 pm

    I would love to hear more about the multi-day summer intensives for mothers… Loved the interview!


  2. Monica April 22, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    I would also love to hear more about the multi-day summer intensives! A few friends and I would like to start both a CM book club and a co-op. How frequently do you suggest to meet for a book club? There are a few friends interested in the co-op, but they are just beginning to learn about Charlotte Mason. I guess I thought perhaps it would be good to have at least several book club meeting times so if they were interested in the co-op, they would know what to expect. I should mention that several of us have been doing a nature club for years, and at least two of us use a CM curriculum.


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