The Out of Doors Life: A Vacation

“Children are born with all the curiosity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if fed upon a daily diet of ideas.” Charlotte Mason

When we nurture habits of attention and spend ample time outdoors,  a life of wonder and discovery is a very natural result. You will also find that this type of life does not take a vacation. In fact, when you find yourself in new and unfamiliar places, the desire to discover intensifies.

Recently, we traveled for a beach wedding and it was an excellent place to explore the seashore in the Gulf of Mexico and see how it is both different from and similar to the Atlantic coast that we used to frequent.

Our first night, we took a sunset walk and found the blue herons were so used to people that they allowed us to come very close to se to them. We could examine their coloring, watch them walk, and then watch them take off in flight. It was really amazing!

The next morning, we decided to take advantage of the time zone change and get up before sunrise for another walk. It was absolutely beautiful. At both sunset and sunrise, the kids were amazed at how quickly the sun moved and that they could watch it without hurting their eyes. It led to lots of conversation and questions. How long does it take for the early to go around the sun? How long does it take to spin around? What is closer – the sun or the moon? We chatted about tides and the moon, seasons, and shortening days. It was fun to see how a walk on the shore sparked an astronomy discussion.

Creatures who hide in the heat of the day are out and about before the sun rises. We saw clams, crabs, a hermit crab, herons diving into the water hunting for a meal, dolphins frolicking in the waves, and loads of different types of gulls.

When you are reading Pagoo for your science time, it is especially exciting to find a hermit crab at the beach!

Of course, we don’t need an eleven hour drive to find new things (and would probably prefer not to!) – is there a spot you’ve been thinking about hiking, or a park you haven’t explored? I encourage you to find a place new to you and see what you find!

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